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Dubrovnik Eats is a platform designed to satisfy all of your food curiosities and cravings while visiting Dubrovnik. Our vision is to show every person how we live, where we eat, and why this food is precisely the best you can find in Dubrovnik. We are here to help you with the time-consuming effort of trying to choose where to eat. Explore freely our handpicked selection of best places to grab a tasty bite around Dubrovnik.

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If we had to describe ourselves in only three words, we would tell you this: food, fun, and hunger. Now put it in a different order and you get fun and hungry foodies who have spent much time figuring out what their perfect job would be and that’s how we got here!

Torres for friends. A husband, father and Heineken lover. Proud owner of a bold character and a man with vision full of passion.


COO & Founder

A mom, former model and beautiful soul. With a smile that enlightens the room she gives final approvals and takes care of thiniest details. Our lady boss!


CEO & Co-Founder

A passionate tour guide, summer addict and “always hungry” member of the team. She loves sharing Dubrovnik’s history with tourists from all around the world.


Art Director

A guy with an eagle eye who creates magic with everything he does. A long time family friend and partner for life.


Graphic Designer

Our favorite people person, always smiling and ready to help. As a communication expert, she enjoys working and giving customers the best experience they look for.


Community Manager




Our biggest dream is to show every person how we live, where we eat and why this food is the best you can find in Dubrovnik. We like to explore food and get to the core of its flavor. When we feel butterflies in our stomach, we know we’ve achieved success in our quest for the perfect bite. It’s a one of a kind feeling every living person enjoys. So remember, there isn’t much we need in this world except for food. Food is what fuels the body, but for us it’s not just that. We want to experience food that will entice our taste buds and enrich our souls.

You can live without anything in this world but food.

We have personally tried all of these places, taken our families there, recommended them to our friends and now we want to share it with you. If you’re reading this you are already our new friend and if food for you is much more than just fuel for your body, here is where you will find everything you might need to get a complete food experience in Dubrovnik. We are more than happy and excited to welcome you to this new experience!



Want to make the process of choosing where to eat in Dubrovnik even easier? Take our short quiz and find out what restaurants would suit you the best, based on your mood, wanted ambiance & food preference.


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